Help Us Build
Our Own Buildings

We are currently renting our for 800,000 UGX a month. However, we are also responsible for repairs and painting. Since our organization is moving into the direction of Community Development for those effected by Natural Disasters.

We will need to acquire land big enough for a school, clinic and community development center. Why? The board members discovered on their last trip that there was a need for a school and especially a clinic. The founders were able to feed over 300 people and even set up a pop up clinic to help assist. We provided malaria medication, de-worming medication, and vitamins but it was not enough.

We had to nurses available and one tested over 100 people for High Blood Pressure. Out of those who were tested almost all of them had high blood pressure. Many of them were in desperate need of medication. We also had people with seizures and people with mental illnesses. A clinic is desperately needed of medical care. 

The local community is also in need of a good nursery school. School that provides education for younger children. Many schools in the community are poor and do not have proper supplies or resources. You can learn more about it on our education page.

Lastly, we would like to establish a community development center were we can educated the community. In addition, teach locals trades to help sustain them. We also want to provide parenting classes to young mothers. We also want to educate people on HIV preventative measures and we want to be able to help communities struck by disasters immediately!! 

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