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2020 we didn't quiet make our goal. However 2021 we are reaching higher than ever! Our goal is to provide socks and shoes to over 1,000 kids in Uganda, Africa.  In Bududa, Africa many children do not have socks or shoes. Many children are left to walk around barefooted which results in worms "jiggars" that infest their feet. If children, had proper footwear it would help prevent parasite from eating at their feet.  We have set out to raise enough funds to reach our goal. Why are we raising funds for socks? Its cheaper to purchase socks and shoes in Uganda, Africa. When we receive donated items, the cost of shipping and handling devalues the donated items. In addition, we like to support the local economy and help the community. Please help us reach our goal.  Together we can change lives.

31 Dec
Sock Drive
  • Organized by: WATCCH Inc
  • Phone: 2543836436
  • Email: watcch@gmail.com

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